Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 - year in review

I'm going for the worst-blogger-ever award - here's our family's 2014 news, 366 days later than my post from our 2013 news. Maybe I'll get my act back together this year.....
Ah yes, another year has passed on by with many memories! Here are some of our highlights:
Tom continues to work for Shell. He’s travelled a lot for work this year, mostly to-from Houston, but also some international travel. Maggie was able to join him in June on a trip to Boston to check out Harvard and MIT. He really enjoyed a solo trip to Big Bend in Texas during Mardi Gras holidays. He managed to do some hiking and some further genealogy study (a relative of his was the first anglo female teacher there).
I “graduated” physical therapy in February and continue to be quite pleased with my new hip. I’m back into my yoga and pilates classes and continue with the various strengthening exercises to keep everything in check. I continue to participate in a weekly Bible study – this year we’re studying prophecy which has never been a love of mine, but I am learning more every week. The girls and I traveled to North Carolina over the Mardi Gras holidays. Dad and I took Maggie to visit Georgia Tech and Duke while mom and Abby enjoyed being at their house, out of the cold! Abby and I went to North Carolina to celebrate my aunt’s life after she finished her life here. And I enjoyed a week on my own in North Carolina in September celebrating my cousin’s marriage. Welcome to the crazy family Katie!
Maggie is getting ready to graduate this spring, enjoying all the fun activities of senior year along with maintaining her grades. She’s completed her college applications and will hear back in the spring. Meanwhile she’s enjoyed her Ring Dance, Homecoming, and her Neat & Sweet winter dance. She also was awarded and athletic scholar award by the state athletic association for cross country. I was able to make the day-trip to Nacitoches to both see the team run in the meet and her to earn her award.
Abby is in her second year at the high school as a freshman. She worked for the JCC summer camp this summer for the first time. She also enjoyed trips to Los Angeles, Galveston, and North Carolina this summer. She chose not to run cross country this year but instead picked up piano lessons again. She’s starting track practice this week as well.  And she’ll take driver’s ed the week after  Christmas – how has time passed so quickly?
As a family we enjoyed a trip to Concan, TX for Thanksgiving with the Webb family. We rented a huge beautiful home on the Frio River and enjoyed several days of visiting, eating, and enjoying each other’s company.

My parents will join us for Christmas this year. Tom plans to spend the week after with his brothers hunting. And that will see us into what promises to be a busy 2015 as well!

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